New Life Mission

A Faith Based Social Community

Volunteer Positions


Every year the New Life Mission sees hundreds of people walk through its doors to serve through their time, abilities and heart to serve the less fortunate of our community. We are so grateful for these volunteers whom without we would find it difficult to function. 



Kitchen Volunteers

 Monday - Sunday

 Duties include:

  • Working under supervision of our cooks 

  • Helping prepare lunch

  • Helping with kitchen clean up

  • Helping serve meals  

  • A variety of prep work

Food Safe is required


Dining Room Volunteers

 Monday - Sunday

 Duties include:

  • Having coffee with our clientele, visiting, playing cards ...etc

  • Giving a listening ear

  • Monitoring dayroom activity to help lighten the load of the chaplain

For this position we are looking for those who have had experience in recovery issues with a long track record of being clean and sober

Outreach Clothing Room

 Monday - Sunday - 3 days a week

     Duties include:

  • Sorting donated clothing into sections of sizes, seasons and mens or womens

  • Filling clothing order requests as needed from dayroom clients

  • Ensuring organization of clothing room

This job would be ideal for a small group who would like to volunteer 3 days a week for approximately 3 hours. Females are preferred due to sorting women's clothing, sizing ...etc.


New Look Hair Salon

 Every Second Tuesday -  10:00 am - 1:00 pm

     Duties include:

  • Prepping the salon

  • Cutting hair

  • Interacting with clients

  • Cleaning up the salon

We are currently open the hours mentioned above; however, we would love to extend the current days and hours of operation. We are looking for more volunteers to come on board  so that we open more days of the week. We are flexible on the hours. If you are able to commit to a specific time each week to extend our hair salon hours that would be great.


Delivery Truck Driver 

 Wednesday - Friday (mornings)

      Duties include:

  • Donation pick-ups and delieveries

  • Loading & unloading truck with donations from various locations throughout the city 

  • Assist with various duties in the store when not busy with pickups

  • Truck Maintenance  

We are looking for even as little as a 1 hr commitment for one day a week to fill this position. All volunteers for this position must have a valid driver's licence.


Thrift City  - Store Attendant

 Monday - Saturday (2-4hr shifts)

  Duties include:

  • Provide customer service and answer the phone 

  • Maintain store cleanliness 

  • Keep the cashier area tidy

  • Merchandise and cloth sorting

  • Price tagging of merchandise 

  • Distribute priced merchandise to the sales floor

  • Transferring priced clothing to sales floor

  • Manage the till

For additional information please call 250-372-9898 or email
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