New Life Mission

A Faith Based Social Community

Dental Clinic

181 West Victoria Street

Phone: 778-471-5878


Hours of Operation

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays by appointment.

9 AM - 4 PM

Emergencies and walkins will be accomodated when time permits.


*Consider an appointment at the

New Life Mission Dental Clinic*

Dental plan patients are a great assets to the New Life Mission Clinic as the funds received from these patients greatly assist in the support of the patients who are not able to fund their treatments.

 Dentist & Hygenists at the clinic are certified.



To provide dental care to a unique group of adults in our community who, due to proverty, homelessness, addiction, or other circumstances, have limited/no other access to dental care.

The priority of treatment is to provide relieve of pain, treat infection and establish a realistic and achievable treatment plan that accommodates our patients and the unique challenges they face in maintaining their oral health.


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